Bio-mex® Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

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Better for the Environment & Safer to Use

Features & Benefits:

  • 100% biodegradable – environmentally friendly, eco-friendly, green.
  • No preservatives, no solvents, no dyes.
  • Cleans, shines & won’t scratch!
  • Use on all types of surfaces – stainless steel, steel, aluminium, chrome, silver, gold, copper, brass, enamel, tin, glass, smooth plastic, cooking surfaces, vent hoods, counter tops, oven/microwave surfaces, pots, pans, cooking surfaces, counter tops, oven/microwave surfaces, pots, pans, non-stick cookware, lacquered wood, ceramic, floor tiles, WC’s, bathtubs, sinks, car rims, gym shoes, PVC, and probably more!
  • Safe to use around children and pets.
  • It comes in the form of a solid (highly concentrated); one tub lasts a long time so it’s a great value for your pocket book!
  • Easy to use – moisten sponge (included), swipe sponge in Bio-mex, squeeze to create foam and start cleaning! Afterwards, rinse or wipe surface with a damp cloth OR air dry or wipe surface with dry cloth.
  • How much to use?  You can vary the amount of Bio-mex® you swipe depending on how soiled or dirty the surface is. Swipe less of the product for lightly soiled surfaces; swipe more for heavily soiled surfaces.

This is an incredible cleaning product that you can use all over your home, office or business. We suggest investing in more than one tub if you plan to use it to clean different areas of your home. For example, buy a tub for use in the kitchen, one for bathrooms and one for outdoor use.

What is Bio-mex® made of?

  • 5 – 15% soap from raw plant material.
  • Ventilated white clay – a neutral product.
  • Vegetable fats from raw plant material.
  • Glycerine from raw plant material.
  • Lemon scent from lemon fruit extract.
  • Sponge is included in packaging.
  • Weight (as stated on label): 300g

Interesting Background Info:

  • Bio-mex® has been manufactured in Germany since 1948 and is a well recognized brand in Europe & Asia.
  • It continues to be 100% made in Germany where it began.
  • It’s been sold in more than 20 countries around the world.
  • It has been a trade secret in the hospitality industry for many years.
  • Now, Bio-mex® is finally available in the USA!